Black Ops 2 sales figure

Black Ops 2 manages to rake in $500 million in its first 24 hours on the shelves. Just for comparison, Black Ops 1 made $360 million on it’s first day of release, and Halo 4 netted $220 million. Now, keep in mind that Black Ops 2 is multi-platform while Halo 4 is exclusive to Xbox.

Cynically and technically, Halo 4 sales should be half of Black Ops 2 in order to be “neck and neck” right? Well in that case, Black Ops 2 outdid the Microsoft Space shooter. It might even have outdone Modern Warfare 3 which managed to sell $400 million’s worth, but that’s only UK and US sales.

Although Activision released the numbers in terms of money, they didn’t reveal how many copies were sold. Since they did for the record breaking MW3 and BLOPS1, we can only assume that although it earned more money, Black Ops 2 didn’t sell as many copies. True or false?


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