Disappointed with Tranzit

At first look, Tranzit almost has you believing that it’ll be a mode akin to the likes of the L4D games. That Treyarch will finally give the Zombie apocalypse a strong back story. As most Call of Duty players that give Zombies a shot (hehe), I was genuinely intrigued with the actual story behind it all. But alas, if you were looking for a campaign-like, story mode zombie mode, you came to the wrong place. Tranzit is just mind-boggling, shallow and confusing at the worst and at best, well it’s shooting zombies.

When I first started playing I thought that the slowness of the story telling was attributed to me not playing enough, but as time went on, I realized that it wasn’t my fault, it’s just an unpolished concept.

Thank god I bought this game for the multiplayer experience because although flustering at times, it remains a fun go-to experience whether you have nothing to do or shooting is all you want to do. It’s a great multiplayer experience and despite the annoying high pitched pre-pubescent kid in the lobby every now and then, you have a mute button.

Anyway, TranZit, it offers nothing to the genuinely curious. If you expected a story packaged hand in hand with some zombie killing, you’re likely to have opened the package to find only the latter. It’s basically Survival on a larger scale in which you can travel to multiple locations. These locations are supposedly meant to give you insight to what happened, but they don’t. Instead, hoards of zombies come at you from random directions and you find yourself hurrying about each area scrambling for supplies and hopping onto the bus again, most likely leaving someone behind in the process. The bus itself is supposed to wait for you, but it seems that if any survivor is nearby the doors, it’ll trigger the bus into motion.

Coupled with the hurry-along vibe that it gives, there is no indication to what you are actually supposed to do. There is no way I could have figured out that I had to put an energy source together and what I would have to do with it afterwards. I’ve played TranZit multiple times now and each time I have been as clueless as to what I’m supposed to do, if not for some cunning player who probably read a guide on it joined my game and put together the turbine I would have no idea what was going on. There should at least be a list of objectives so players know what to do. Majority of the time I jump into a game where players are as clueless as I am and nobody can be bothered to find out how or what you’re supposed to do. It quickly becomes tiresome if not as far as just plain boring, Survival is best kept to the smaller maps that unlock themselves into bigger ones with points, but this all out travelling thing thats supposed to tell a story and doesn’t, it’s not attractive.

If you’re looking for an entertaining Zombie mode, Survival and Grief is where it is at with their own game mechanics, they remain fun. TanZit left something to be desired, it feels unfinished. Which is a damn shame because it could have been so great. It’s not that it isn’t fun, it’s just that it’s not what anybody expected it to be.


3 responses to “Disappointed with Tranzit

  1. Very true! While I was running around with my friend, we were both really annoyed with how rushed all of it was. As fun as it was, it felt a lot to be desired. I had figured they’d improve a bit on what was going on. Afraid not. Still, it kills time!

      • Honestly, it’s COD. The moment they have a good story is the moment that half of the population actually plays the story-mode for more than merely getting gamerscore.

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