Borderlands 2 comes to Mac

As the gaming community continues to grow, more and more of the community (while still a minority) seems to encompass Mac users. With the recent compatibility of Guild Wars 2 (beta) with Mac devices, it’s a step forward for the so called “Mac gaming”. I wouldn’t recommend gaming on a Mac but at least it’s becoming possible, many self-built PC’s easily overpower any Mac out there.

The newest member of the “Mac gaming” family will be Borderlands 2, originally released in mid September, Gearbox has decided that it’s time to expand the Borderlands world onto Mac platforms through the capable hands of Aspyr Media. They began by releasing the iOS game called Borderlands Legends, and now we’ll have the full Borderlands 2 game become accessible.

“Aspyr prides itself on bringing the best in gaming to the Mac audience,” said Ted Staloch, Vice President of Aspyr Media. “Borderlands 2 is definitely among the best.  Most sequels have a hard time living up to the first, but Borderlands 2 manages to improve on every cool aspect of Borderlands, and still finds a way to wrap the player up in a new story with a new experience.”

Come November 20th, Mac users will be able to purchase the game on Steam for $59.99. You can even opt to pre-order the game to gain access to Premiere Club bonuses that already exist on Xbox, PS3 and PC.


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