GTA V playable characters announced and more

Rockstar have released the first “official” news about GTA V. In the latest edition of Game Informer Rockstar reveals the three playable characters that will be featured in the game, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. It has been revealed that players will be able to switch between these players with the press of a button to be able to approach and see certain missions with a different perspective. 

The edition outlines some background information on the three characters. Michael, who is a retired bank robber living out his life in the witness protection program get’s a rude wake up call when his gold-digger wife forces him to resume his bank robbing career. Trevor a violence prone drug addict pretty much, described as Michael’s friend, he’s supposedly there to be the violent wild card. The third character, Franklin is a younger man and works as a repo man. The three of them come together to perform heists on various banks and complete missions together (or alone).

Players will be able to customize the three musketeers regarding their clothes. Whilst the customization is left at a minimum, the social circles are unique to each character and as a player you’ll be able to switch between characters (out of mission) to see how these social circles react in daily life. In a mission, you’ll be able to switch between the characters to be the sniper, the guy who busts in the front door or the helicopter pilot (certain missions), which means you’ll be able to do something different as a different person each mission in accordance to your preference. A lot of the game is up to you and what way you want to handle the situation, be it sitting on a rooftop two blocks away with a sniper rifle or right up in the face of your enemies with a shotgun. It’s all up to you.

Also, players will be unable to buy real-estate but will most definitely have a host of other things to spend their money on. There will also be appearances by characters from past GTA games such as Liberty City and GTA IV. Los Santos will be the biggest gameplay world that Rockstar have ever created and to travel around this huge city, you must be able to drive cars properly right? Rockstar has changed the way you drive as well, adding in a more realistic factor such as the previously avoidable “physics” and gravity. Cars now stick to the ground much better and obey the laws of physics.

Needless to say the main theme of this game will be the three man heists that Michael, Franklin and Trevor will be pulling off along with all the different mechanics this trio mechanic adds. Grand Theft Auto V will hit stores in Spring 2013, whilst the second trailer is set to launch on the 14th of November.


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