Crysis 3 Hunter Mode trailer!

A Crysis 3 multiplayer trailer has surfaced and it’s looking awesome! The hunter mode, in which we see the all around amazing “predator bow” featured, is a mode that will make you scream for more. Just think domination, the only difference being that the other guys are super soldiers in nano suits with a deadly bows, they’ll easily be able to take you and your pals on a deadly joy ride if you’re not careful enough.

Incase you’re new to the Crysis 3 craze, this game is all about the “predator bow” and mouth-watering graphics. Who doesn’t love shooting deadly arrows through a beautifully constructed world and blowing stuff up!? Here’s the trailer, and a more in-depth talkthrough of some of the Crysis 3 game videos can be found here.

Crysis 3 is looking beautiful in development and is set to launch in February 2013, a more specific release date is set to be revealed closer to the actual release date.


2 responses to “Crysis 3 Hunter Mode trailer!

    • They truly do, I actually just finished Crysis 2 which I quite liked, based on the past two games I wouldn’t be so sure that this one’s going to flop!

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