New Unchartered game unintentionally unveiled

The Australian Classifications board have unintentionally given away the title of the next Unchartered game; Fight For Fortune. The previously exclusively produced by in-house Sony developers seems to have taken a jump to another developer, One Loop Games. One Loop Games have worked with Sony on “God Of War” and “Ratchet and Clank”, so they do have a pre-existing relationship with Sony already.

Along with the strange developer change, the rating of G seems to have been dumbed down from the standard aim and shoot nature of Unchartered as violence is rated only in the second tier. Perhaps this indicates a diversion from the formula of the previous Unchartered games, coupled with the developers, could we be seeing a spinoff?

The game has been all but announced when Sony Computer Entertainment President Shuhei Yoshida retweeted GameSpot in the tweet mentioning the Australian Classifications leak.

Nothing else has been announced as of yet but the game is definitely on the way.

So do we have a spinoff? Will Nathan Drake return in Fight For Fortune or will we see a complete deviation with the same scenery? Hopefully Sony will have more on this when it gains some ground speed.


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