37 Reasons why Black Ops II is awesome

To hype Black Ops II even more, IGN gave Treyarch Director of Communications John Rafacz 3 minutes to tell them why Black Ops II is awesome. Click on and here is the video and also my opinion. Out of the 37 extremely detailed but nonetheless awesome facts, these stood out the most to me as quirky, fun or just overall improvements.


We all know that the game is going to be set in the near future of 2025 in a Cold War-like setting along with several flashbacks to the 80s. This isn’t generally that new or amazing, but the fact that they are taking the past and mixing it with the future, the lines can often be blurred. Hopefully when we’re in the actual game we’ll get to see distinct lines drawn between the missions in the past and the missions in the future, along with similarities to symbolize not jumping too far into the future.


John talks about a new mission mechanic that they refer to as “Strikeforce missions”. To sum it up it is basically a mission that puts you in command of everything. Decision making is key and can lead to life and death situations of certain characters. So to speak, character A may be alive due to a lifesaving decision made by me in my game, but will be dead in my friends game because he’s a careless bastard. All in all, this new mission mechanic breathes some much needed new life into Call of Duty and takes you away from the linear path of its campaigns, it also warrants a certain level of “replayability”. Perhaps for would-be achievements like “Let no one die” on Strikeforce mission “A”. You can issue squad commands, take control of certain soldiers or non-human machines, or jump into vehicles. It’ll be really interesting to see how these missions link in with the already linear parts of the campaign or if they lack context at all. Either way it is an interesting experiment and a brave leap by Treyarch.


Multiplayer is also changing a lot, John mentions that you can give up certain aspects of your soldier to improve other aspects. Like giving up your sidearm for more addons to your main gun. This will turn out to be either really amazing or really crap. I can imagine having all the perks but only a knife, that would be fantastic. Perhaps standardized “knife only” game modes will be implemented? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that the amount of customization that Treyarch is giving Black Ops II multiplayer is insane, you can do and be almost anything. Whatever gets you that headshot, soldier!


Three different modes are being implemented into the “Zombie mode”. The first is Transit, which focuses on story mode Zombie killing. It’ll introduce new characters and a new story. Amazing stuff. The second is the survival mode, which we are all familiar with and very fond of. The last but not least is called “Grief”, it pits human players against each other in a survival style game. Unfortunately you cannot shoot other players, but shooting zombies and “Griefing” the other players by re-directing the hoards of zombies towards them seems like a pretty legitimate way of gaining satisfaction. I can definitely see the “Grief” mode being widely popular, and I myself will be playing it a lot.

There it is, if you weren’t already excited for Black Ops II, you should be now!


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