PS4 dev kits distributed (leak)

The PS4 dev kits, codenamed Orbis has reportedly been distributed to several game developers. With the next-gen Xbox console having been leaked a couple of months ago, the next year release of these consoles is looking even more likely.

VG247‘s sources have confirmed that development kits have started being shipped out while the full set expected to arrive during summer. Sony have begun to start calling the machine “Orbis” rather than PS4, indicating that production is indeed in full swing.

The machine’s name will be based on the AMD’s A10 APU series. As with the PS3, Orbis will feature a 1080p Blu-Ray disk reader and will have a standrad 256GB.

Several games are believed to be in development for the next generation consoles as well. Battlefield 4 has been confirmed to be out for the next generation. The next Elder Scrolls game is also believed to be tailored for the next generation consoles.

Both the PS4 and Xbox 720 are speculated to be released late next year, release dates are still not confirmed!


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