Army of Two special Edition revealed

Another Frostbite 2 engine powered shooter game is coming to the shelves in the early months of 2013. Visceral Games has revealed their pre-order bonus for Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel in the form of the Overkill Edition. Players who pre-order this shooter for 26th March 2013 will be rewarded with three bonus contracts, tactical co-op gear and “Day of the Dead” decorated Assault rifles.

The unique co-op game that first came out in 2008 will once again pioneer the two man (co-op) army mechanics and this time players will venture into the streets of Mexico to combat “the devil’s cartel”. Obviously a drug-busting campaign base has already been laid there with the title.

Visceral Games Executive Producer, Julian Beak said “We knew coming out of the gate that meaningful co-op gameplay, customization and over-the-top action would be key pillars for us, and we’re bringing these elements to the next level by presenting them in a setting that is more serious in order to dial up the intensity.”

Hopefully the revolutionizing co-op won’t reproduce the slightly disappointing Warfighter multiplayer experience, while playable it was unpolished. Frostbite 2 will ensure their way to beauty success, but I’ll be damned if the over-the-top action that we all loved in the first “Army of Two” games doesn’t make its trademark appearance again.


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