Black Ops II Live-Action trailer

The franchise is changing up their game this year, throwing the rule book of standard game marketing out the window. They’re bringing to a whole new level. Treyarch Activision Publishing CMO Tim Ellis said “With Call of Duty we are re-writing the rule-book of how games are marketed. This is more than a product launch, it’s become a cultural event.”

The 60 seconds of explosive live action was aired last night on “Monday Night Football” and thereafter rolled out across elite European Football channels. There’s a cool factor about Black Ops II that not even sport junkies can avoid.

Expect to see Robert Downey Jr featured in this spectacular short film directed by renowned director Guy Ritchie. Internet sensations like FPSRussia and iJustine are expected to make appearances as well as French comedian Omar Sy.

As if this pile up of big names for the trailer isn’t enough, Activision has teamed up with Bad Robot Interactive to release a Call of Duty takeover to Bad Robot’s mega-hit Action Movie FX app, which is a free app for the iPad and iPhone. The app will enable users to film environments around them and then apply the weaponry of the futuristic game to destroy it (seems kind of evil, but oh well still getting it!). And if that wasn’t enough for you, you can use the “scan” function in the app to unlock new weapons for use in the app. Would be even cooler if you could use it to unlock weapons in the actual game hey?

Call of Duty: Black Ops II will launch at midnight at over 15,000 retail outlets worldwide on November 13th, be there or be square!


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