Skyrim is the Ultimate Game of the Year

What an epic title for Bethesda’s world renowned first person role playing game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The game that has the most incredible “mod” community out of any of the games that have opened up their doors to said community. The game with a vast open world where you can forge your own destiny and how you achieve it. It’s a game that really extends to all corners of the world to draw gamers in with it’s awe inspiring, majestic gameplay. What made it such a great game? 

At first, Oblivion and the previous Elder Scrolls went straight past me, but as Skyrim’s launch became more and more hyped it caught my FPS dominated attention and I saw potential. Not to say that my opinion is the word of God, but it became so hyped that even I, whom rarely extends his gameplay outside shooters and World of Warcraft (for MMORPG games), felt like giving it a try. I knew I had to give it a go.

Granted I was not disappointed with it. Akin to any RPG game, the “medieval” genre is what makes these type of games great. The skills that expanded in both combat and crafting directions quickly became one of the aspects I enjoyed the most. One could go about killing countless enemies and quests to create their gear, or they could simply create it using Smithing. Such is the wonders of an open world game with the mechanics like Skyrim.

But did it deserve “Ultimate Game of the Year”?

At first glance, yes it did. The game was flawless (at first glance), DLC’s slowly but steadily padding the games already vast activities. There was a ginormous amount of questing and exploring to do outside of the story line. Purchase houses, build up trophy collections, collect wives, collect followers, become a practitioner of the God-knows-what arts, and of course kill everything in sight. There are numerous ways to go about the game, ranging from being the good guy or the bad guy, or perhaps your style of combat or weapon of choice. Either way there’s going to be plenty to do. Especially now with the Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLC’s already rolled out and going strong, think Sims 3 Supernatural in a medieval first person magical world and thats the combination of the two.

For PS3 owners, Skyrim may have been a good game initially, but that positivity soon turned sour as the DLC’s encountered trouble being released on the Playstation platform. Since then, majority of PS3 players have missed out on Dawnguard and not been able to access Hearthfire completely.

Even amongst PC and Xbox gamers, there are some who are at a loss for what makes Skyrim so great, I mean there isn’t any multiplayer so how epic is the storyline on its own?! Despite there being no interaction with other players, the pure craftsmanship of the game and the way everything weaves together flawlessly are reasons enough to play this game.

The gameplay controls and first person mechanics worked so well for Skyrim that Bethesda decided to implement it into the stealth based game, Dishonored. With similar first person gameplay, it was a sure win for Dishonored. The pure choice of what professions to specialize in and what they can do for you, you can be anything in Skyrim. It’s a legends path that you carve out yourself. The things that make this game great do not rely on multiplayer but on the player’s experience while playing this game. It is a game that awakens the inner Dragonborn in you.


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