Dishonored DLC news

The first out of three confirmed downloadable goodies for Dishonored is dropping in December.

The “Dunwall City Trials” will bring what a lot of Dishonored players were craving with the original game, an arena that features waves of AI (Yes, waves!).

It will also feature 10 new maps with their own challenges for the player to complete along with a race type mode and a fast paced “Drop-assassination” mode.

The second DLC is obscure but we know it will feature Daud (the Assassin leader guy you could choose to end or not), and how he makes his way through Dunwall in these trying times.

The second and third DLC’s will drop later in 2013 and will feature story driven campaigns.

Also, the first DLC will be available for about $5 bucks, pricing for the remaining DLCs will be released closer to their release date.

Dishonored is a stealth based thriller game that takes place in the fictional town on Dunwall, featuring Corvall the Lord Protector of the Empress, he has been wrongfully accused of her murder and the game progresses from this anchor point. It features lengthy customization and a host of different ways to assassinate targets through physical weapons or supernatural powers.

Details: Bethesda Softwork


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