Warfighter Multiplayer review

Due to a crappy connection, it took ages for us to get a stable game going. In the end I just opted in on my own. With multiplayer, Danger Close evolved the classes and techniques inherent to the previous Medal of Honor titles. Along with chiming in with the standard game modes, multiplayer was less exciting than I thought it would be. However, single player still rocked my socks.

As a proud Swede and Battlefield 3 sporter, I went right into battle with the class I was most familiar with (purely because of the name), Assaulter. Despite having unlocked the US SFOD-D point man as a pre-order bonus and having the sniper unlocked as well, I decided I was going to go with the old fashioned first class Assaulter with mortar bonus.


The interface that you get when you first select multiplayer in the menu can be quite confusing. You have the option to connect to Medal of Honor’s battlelog, entering a quick match, as well as managing your platoon or fire team. Hitting R1 brings you over to where you can browse popular, recent or all servers. And then there are even more options as you progress further through that R1 cycle such as My Soldier and My Gun.

In “My Soldier” and “My Gun” you can customize the way your soldier and your gun looks, respectively. There’s a variety of camouflages available for the gun, the SOG’s default camo is bright yellow. Bright yellow, I question the effectiveness of that camouflage. Thankfully you have the option to make it matte black, which looked sleek. There are over 50 camouflages which become available as you unlock them through your multiplayer career. The same applies to all the tweaks you can apply to your actual gun in terms of silencers, scopes, flash light or laser.

In “My Soldier” you’re presented with the 6 classes and the choice of nationalities, each class and nationality has their own perks and downsides, so you have a lot to play around with. Over the course of your multiplayer spree, you will unlock soldier customization, the 6 classes and eventually all nationalities for those classes. There are 72 nationalities, wicked! The standard soldier camouflages are available as well. Although one thing I do question here is why the Swedish SOG has an American accent, the only accent I’ve noticed apart from the Americans is the Korean’s sharp asian accent.

Granted this is a lot of customization and it can be overwhelming for some people, even put some off from playing it. But, if you stare at it long enough and absorb it, you might just understand it.

Fire Team

The Fire Team mechanic is something you experience first in campaign if you played that first, if not then you’ll need to catch up on it because it is a vital part of surviving in multiplayer. The first team acts much like the squad in Battlefield 3 save for one thing, there’s only two of you. Under certain circumstances of a massive killing spree you may find yourself slightly wounded or facing a lack of ammunition, either way if you’re close enough to your Fire Team buddy, you have to option to get ammo or heal from them with the simple click of a button. It’s a great mechanic and induces intense teamwork. Also, if someone kills your buddy, you’ll be able to see them through walls for a short period of time.

This also means that if you hang around too long after killing someone, expect their buddy to come after you seeking revenge.

Game Modes

The Game Modes in Warfighter are pretty standard. Team Deathmatch pretty much speaks for itself, the standard kill everyone until you win scenario returns like it does in every game. It’s a game mode that never really gets tiring, shooting people to win never gets old.

Combat Mission seemed like a pretty cool name for a Game Mode until you actually get into it and it’s just choke point after choke point. You get a set amount of re-spawns to complete the objective, which is to arm bombs. I know it’s not just me when I say that this game mode is done and dusted, its fun yes, but there are plenty more fun variations of it out there, Rush in Battlefield 3 does it great.

Sector Control is a Conquest based objective game mode. Basically, stand on the flags and then defend them and you’ll have yourself a win. Simple! By far the most fun induced game mode, that also encourages camping. With the variety of maps and map design, there’s a lot of spots to sit and wait for your prey, even around the objectives. This game mode really brings the team together compared to Team Deathmatch where lone wolves are bounding everywhere.

Hotspot is a game mode that focuses on bomb sites again, you have to detonate 3 in a row to win. It sounds like a closer copy of Rush than Combat Mission, so thats fun. However, all this criticism isn’t to say that these modes are not fun, they are! Hell, they’re so fast paced I have no idea how much time has passed after a while. If you’re playing attacker, detonate three bombs. If you’re defending, defuse three and you win! Seems like a pretty teamwork based game. Although I can’t figure out if the lack of a HUD is part of the game mode or just a bug because it keeps happening, but I guess it gets pretty intense without it.

Home Run, the final game mode sounds like a baseball reference. In reality, its like a limited kills game. Once you die, you stay dead till the end of the round. And somehow you have to defend flags in between all this chaos. I didn’t stick around enough to check it out because that game mode really just frustrated me.

One downside thing I did notice playing this game with the whole Fire Team shenanigans, your fire team buddy seems to want to stick to you a lot, which is good sometimes. Other times they create a wall where there isn’t supposed to be one. They basically block you from doing whatever it is you’re supposed to do.


There seems to be a good variety of maps that cater to each class. There are big maps that are supposed to cater to snipers, but I see the abundance of rocks in between the shooter and the target posing a problem. There is also a lot going on in terms of map environment. There are constant explosions and background noise, I’m not sure if those are just the players but there is certainly some over exaggeration of the battlefield.

There’s a good amount of clutter, it’s easy to get lost at first. The HUD is actually pretty easy to use once you get familiar with all the symbols, it has your teammates, your fire teammate, the enemies when they fire and which level all of the latter are on (above or below you). The level where they are is indicated by a hollow circle, helps with locating your prey.


Interlinked with the Warfighter multiplayer is the Warfighter Nations which can be accessed on battlelog. This is a token based game where you spend the tokens you earn in game on your favorite country. Seems kind of trivial to me, but hey thats not going to stop me from supporting Sweden in any way I can. I’m not sure if this system gives any kind of reward, but that would be cool.

Also, all your multiplayer stats are stored in the battlelog, just like good old Battlefield 3.


I like Battlefield 3 more. I had to say it, it’s just this gameplay feels a lot like CoD and I left it because that style of gameplay isn’t what I look for in a game. I mean sure the fast paced-ness is great for the adrenaline rush. However, since Medal of Honor opted to follow Battlefield’s footsteps and not have split screen, and decided to leave co-op out, I don’t see how this will be a long lasting game in my multiplayer life since Black Ops 2 is coming out in almost 2 weeks, and the infamous split screen competitiveness will resume.

However, I will say again that the single player campaign was one of the best campaigns I have ever played for a shooter, beats Battlefield 3’s by a mile. Also the multiplayer can be fun if you have a buddy who owns a PS3 and TV just like you, then there is your co-op! Since it just came out, I think I will be playing a lot of it to boost my ego with ranks online (which I am failing at right now).

If you’re on the PS3 this is my battlelog.


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