Medal of Honor: Warfighter single player review

So the main thing that drew me to this game was the fact that I would get to shoot stuff up as a SOG tier 1 soldier. Aside from that it was the awesome gameplay, unique weapons and the fact that it ran on Frostbite 2 with sleek graphics as well. Oh and I also heard it has a sick story. I finally got my hands on it 2 days after everyone else in the world as my humble abode is anchored in Australia, nevertheless that didn’t keep me off the battlefield.

Disappointingly, right off the bat was a colossal 208MB patch that took my crappy internet about 28 minutes to download. Everything runs smoothly on this connection except downloading stuff. So after 2 days and 28 minutes of waiting I finally booted it up to the start up screen (with a minor delay for the HDD installment).

But after that disappointing kick-off, I was no longer disappointed but astonished at how awesome this game is. I loved it and here’s my review of the single player campaign. 

Frostbite 2

The spectacular and awe-inspiring Frostbite 2 makes its return in Warfighter, and it’s no less amazing than it was in Battlefield 3, stunning graphics are the way to go (along with amazing gameplay of course). Water textures, sun shafts and glares through the scopes, what perfection!

Noticeably the graphics on the cutscenes are amazing, at first I couldn’t distinguish whether it was real people or CGI. It’s stunningly close to reality. As DICE have said, Frostbite 2 evolves with the developers who use it. Everything that is developed with Frostbite 2 feeds directly back to its creators and helps it improve as an engine.

Of course the cut scene graphics aren’t really what matter, it is the gameplay ones that do. The in-game graphics are noticeably better than Battlefield 3, with of course the expected similarities, that is expected though as they do use the same engines. The demolition graphics are pretty intense, everything just seems to fall apart. Although I don’t know about a concrete wall disintegrating because I emptied a round into it, but then again, I’ve never been to war.

Single Player Campaign

Holy sh*t. Excuse my language but no campaign has thrown me into the crap like Medal of Honor. It doesn’t give you any time to adjust to the controls until the second part where you’re being instructed by some Middle Eastern guy, strange. The crash course you’re put through feels a lot like the CoD one that you are put through at the start of most games.

The story alternates between being under fire and cut scenes of Preacher in a hotel room and on the phone with what seems like his wife? And a military cut scene with a shady bearded and capped man doing computer stuff. Medal of Honor developers Danger Close did a really good job of bringing the behind the scenes of tier 1 soldiers, despite the CGI, the story there is evident. The intensive background of the standard shooter is intertwined with the personal lives of the soldiers. It’s almost like watching a movie, you feel connected as a player. It’s almost personal.

Campaign gameplay is as intense as it gets. At first, just like any other shooter that doesn’t have markers over who you’re supposed to hit, it can get a little difficult to locate the enemy, but you get used to it after a while. With breath taking graphics, comes breath taking reality. The missions are engaging and well thought out, the story actually makes linear sense. One particular mission, “The Chase” is an amazing exhibit of the glorious effort Danger Close has put into this game, both multiplayer and single player, it puts the driving skills you honed in GTA to the test. Also, the first mission where you have the option to get shot by the sniper or avoid it, it really depends on where you go. The dynamic events of this game along with the fast paced action doesn’t warrant you any need to put down the controller for a break. Feels as if I could steam roll through the campaign and not get sick of it.

The entire campaign is fast paced, it immerses you and you can’t get enough of it. Truth be told it’s a mix between the beauty of the Battlefield campaign with the intensity of the CoD campaign. Everyone keeps saying that this is not a Battlefield 3 and CoD baby, just because Medal of Honor was here first. Well, they can all go suck it, both CoD and BF3 are great games and Medal of Honor just rewards us with an epic compilation with favorites from both those games and it’s own unique additions. This campaign is one of the best shooter campaigns I’ve played in a while, story and gameplay wise.

Just like any other shooter, objectives are key and a pretty linear map is featured in each mission. However, the thing that sets Warfighter’s campaign apart from the rest is the authenticity. We all know that Danger Close has been working closely with tier 1 operatives all over the world to make this game as authentic as possible, so it’s not hard to believe that all this actually goes on. And when you think about playing as your own nationality, it really hits home, it makes it that much more enjoyable to know you have some sort of personal connection to the game. However, one noticeable thing is that during the campaign, the player has unlimited ammo, I don’t know if that’s native to the “Normal” mode but it kind of takes away the authenticity, they should just have kept the buddy system where you ask for ammo from a NPC teammate instead of having the little infinity sign next to your ammo.

If you’re a fan of epic music, Warfighter will get your blood flowing. Every game has their epic moments, but with this kind of music, every moment is epic. As you approach objectives the music gets more up beat and darker. Playing this with a head set, oh boy you’re in for an explosive ride.

Controls and after-thoughts

The controls are perfect, I feel like they mixed and matched the controls to best suit each button, the knife (tomahawk) button is quickly accessed by clicking R3. That’s a definite plus in those close quarter combat panic situations. Standard fire and zoom are mapped to R1 and L1, whilst choosing equipment is on the D-Pad. It’s very hard to screw up the controls, but I think the CoD styled Medal Of Honor controller layout wins the prize today. It’s definitely very easy to get used to.

Single player is amazing, the story is engaging and so is the gameplay. You’re constantly on your toes and it’s just a blast to play. Not to mention that the story is just so well done, the authenticity is beautiful and so are the graphics. Started single player up as a warm up for multiplayer which I will be playing later when my roommate comes back from being a good student. Multiplayer review coming soon!


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