Playstation Store revamp now live!

Playstation promised us a new store that would cater to our every need. Today (Tuesday 23 October) this store rolled out across the world. Taking a look right now, although quite lag-plagued (no doubt because of the massive amount of users trying to check it out) it’s looking pretty neat.

The first menu you encounter kind of reminds you of a Windows tablet menu, it looks very Windows-ish. Which is weird right, since it’s Sony? Regardless here’s how pleased I was with the new store!

Navigation and Aesthetics

Overall navigation of the new store is easy and smooth like a baby’s butt. Flipping between the three tier screen is as easy as tapping your fingers against R1 and L1. What’s new? will you show you just exactly what is new, be it games, movies or television shows and even applications! The button legend is always at your disposal in the bottom left hand side so you will never be lost. The overall slickness of the entire revamp is very nice.


Currently the only application under “Apps” is MUBI which is a “personal cinema” which will show case independent, international and unique films by “indie” movie developers. Obviously there will be more applications to come in the near future when app developers get on it. And of course there are purchasable items for Playstation@Home which I haven’t played or touched since I got this PS3, but that in itself is pretty neat. It opens up the customization door that XBOX Dashboard has with their little animated avatars.

The Movie sector is neatly organized in a chaotic type of way, showcasing all the latest movies, their prices and the available trailers. Never again will you be at a loss for what movie to watch, just hop onto the PSN Store and you’re all set. For movies as cheap as $5 dollars, you can’t go wrong. Just to make sure you know what you’re getting into, the trailer is easily accessible and loads as quickly as your internet will let it. It’s basically like hopping onto Apple Trailers and command clicking everything. You’ll be able to utilise all this with a stable internet connection. The previous store had everything jumbled up together and it was hard to find something if you didn’t know what you were looking for, and I never thought I would use the PSN Store for movies or tv shows.

As for the television shows heading, it’s pretty much the same deal. You have access to individual episodes of certain TV shows, along with a trailer incase you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Of course, not every television show is completely up to date, as the store uploads the tv shows as the entire season comes out, not individual episodes. Paying $3 odd dollars seems a little bit excessive to me per episode, but $5 bucks for a movie is not a bad deal.

Finally, the game sector is the same as it has always been with a slight revamp of being able to locate all the games in one place and not having it be interrupted by themes, trailers and what not. You’ll be able to access everything to do with the game from its main tab. For instance if you were to look at Battlefield 3, clicking on it will lead to everything to do with Battlefield 3 including the full game and its attached themes and DLCs. Makes stuff a lot easier to find.

To Conclude

It’s a lovable revamp and something I think a lot of users have been waiting for, it’s a move away from the cluttered mess of the old store and towards a much more user friendly creation. Although a tad bit more complicated, it doesn’t take long to get used to all the new tidbits. Personally loving the Movie and TV features, they really bring home Sony’s attempt to take over your home entertainment. The convenience of having everything there on the PS3 as Xbox users already do with their dashboard set up is overwhelmingly satisfying. You can stay in the same place and access games, movies, tv shows all in one spot.


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