BF3 players to get insta-access to Swedish Spec-ops for Warfighter

The “battlelog” for Battlefield 3 yesterday announced that their players will get instant access to the Swedish (SOG) special ops class in the upcoming shooter Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Along with pre-order patrons getting instant access to the US Spec ops, the Swedes’ down at DICE have decided to showcase national pride.

Spec-ops are the fastest class in the game, relying heavily on pure firepower and over-power their opponents, preferably with a silenced weapon. (Battlelog)

The new shooter has tons of neat new additions that will blow your FPS gaming experience away. Each class from each country reloads differently depending on the way they were trained in real life.

The authenticity of this game is mind-blowingly real, come October 23rd we will all get to experience the Tier 1 art of war up close.

This move by DICE is to reward BF3 players who are staying faithful to the Frostbite 2 engine, and to reach out to the supportive Swedish players out there.

I’ll definitely be playing as the Swedish classes all the way through this game.

Tier 1 SOG all the way!


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