Black Ops 2 “CoD Elite” to be free

The Call of Duty “Elite” service has been announced to be free by Activision yesterday.

The previously paid for online service was party of the paid business model Activision proposed for their online shooter franchise, Call of Duty. It was aimed to bring the network of players closer together by giving them a place to connect with each other.

Activision has since decided that this connectivity is better for the wide audience of CoD and not only the select few who pay for Premium.

The service provides an internet space where players can go to check their soldier stats or arrange Clan matches through the “Clan HQ” option.

It was released last year, supposedly to combat Battlefield 3’s “Battlenet” which offers similar if not the same services that CoD Elite does, except that it was free and for Battlefield.

The services will be free for the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, that is to say only the services, all the DLC packs and map packs will remain paid for and accessible through the consoles respectable marketplace.

The new free service will offer support for the Zombie modes, Clan aspects and class creations.


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