Remember Me

There’s an emerging title from Capcom catching the gamer community’s eye, Remember Me. Set in the year 2084, a world where pollution, global warming and civil unrest is on the way to being solved. That all may sound fine and dandy, but the world of Remember Me isn’t all that it seems.

The gameplay will introduce the a new concept of “memory remixing”, where in the player invades the mind of the target to rearrange memories in order to manipulate the enemy. The player will achieve the goal if they change the targets recollection of a certain event in order to change the way the target acts.

Combat will revolve around executing combos to build up energy called “Focus” in order to execute even more deadly attacks. Players will be able to purchase different combos and different attacks to use with the “Focus” from an in-game location called the Combo Lab.

The story features a character called Nilin who is a “memory hunter” and as you navigate your way through the Remember Me world of Neo-Paris you need to rediscover your past as your past employer has neutralized you in order to eliminate the threat; you. They’ve erased your memories.

Here is a gameplay trailer showcasing stunning action and graphics. It looks great!

Release: May 2013


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