Two amazing PS3 exclusives!

One of the biggest selling franchise games is coming to XBOX 360 next month, Halo 4. If you didn’t know already (highly unlikely), Halo 4 is XBOX 360 only. So if you’re a Playstation fanatic and only own a PS3 then you’re out of luck, for a while! Come 2013 two huge PS3 exclusive titles are landing right in our laps.

Last Of Us

The increasingly realistic world of games is coming to a point where HD games are only maxed out on the PS3 Blu-Ray capabilities. The game “Last Of Us” showcases stunning graphics on not only the game trailers but the also the gameplay. Developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, be sure to know that the developers are going to stretch this game to it’s furthest capabilities on the PS3. Set in a post-apocalyptic city, two unlikely survivors must make a makeshift duo to survive.

Beyond: Two Souls

A game not necessarily huge on the advertisement market right now, it’s sure to make a huge debut in 2013. From the developers of Heavy Rain (who clearly know what they’re doing), this graphically stunning psychological action thriller comes to PS3 exclusively to blow audiences away with both story and graphics. Play as Jodie Holmes, the main character who is in an advanced city and has supernatural abilities through a psychic link to a mysterious entity. The cops are after her, the S.W.A.T are after her, find out what the real story behind this mysterious character is!


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