Mechromancer DLC review!

As stated earlier the Mechromancer has arrived on all platforms today! One full week ahead of schedule, we’re all able to play as this new unique class. It’s become available in the NA region, not sure if it’s fully accessible in the other regions, but if it isn’t it should be very, very soon!

I accessed it by using a US PSN card on the US store! Pure luck because usually that sort of shenanigans doesn’t work for me, but here is my review of the Mechromancer class, which I enjoyed quite a bit! Easily tied for my favorite class with the Siren. Gearbox has done an excellent job with this DLC and I’m obviously looking forward to the next 4 DLC’s included in the Season pass! Ooh-rah! 

Gameplay (Talents)

Gameplay remains standard throughout the first five levels with no access to special talents. However, once you do hit level five, things get slightly more interesting. The first linking talent you receive is the summoning of Death Trap, your new best friend! I would personally rate this talent as one of the most interesting ones yet, as we’ve seen all the other ones or similar to them in the first game. Not sure, so don’t take my word for it but it seems like Death Trap scales with you in power as you kill more enemies in a streak? Also, the duration that Death Trap is effective for, he can move with amazing mobility, making him much more potent than the Commando’s stationary turret.

As with the other classes, there are three seperate talent trees, “Best Friends Forever”, “Ordered Chaos” and “Little Big Trouble”. Perhaps the best thing about these talents are the amusing names given to everything. The fact that my Mechromancer reminds me a little bit of Tiny Tina is great, she was hilarious throughout the campaign and one of my favorite characters purely because of the comedy.

Best Friends Forever seems to be more focused on the relationship you share with Death Trap, such as shields and duration. Handy if you’re fighting a whole lot of bandits or something that can only be shot from behind. Death Trap helps you recharge your health and re-charge your shield and such. In this tree you become kind of dependent on Death Trap to fix you up and help you out. I guess if you can hold your own pretty good and only need that extra boost when Death Trap is summoned, this tree is suitable. Also, this tree makes invincible (well almost) when you summon Death Trap. He fixes you up, and he stays longer each time someone is killed, so if you have a lengthy fight in which there are many minions to kill, expect Death Trap to stick around.

Little Big Trouble seems like the Elemental talent tree for the Mechromancer, focusing on empowering Death Trap with elemental abilities, making him into a huge robotic Elemental beast, pretty nifty! It has a lot of talents which focus on empowering your own elemental damage as well. One talent changes the elemental power Death Trap uses according to the elemental type of damage you shoot him with. As in, shoot Death Trap with a corrosive weapon, and he will do corrosive damage, likewise for fire, slag and shock. This tree also empowers your elemental gun damage, which is also a bonus. There is a high amount of damage in this tree as well.

The last talent tree, the oxymoronic “Ordered Chaos” seems like it focuses on the physical damage output of Death Trap. Very useful in situations where you’re almost incapacitated and unable to move, no problem! Just sent out Death Trap to unleash havoc on your enemies. It improves Death Trap’s physical damage and your physical damage. If you’re a big melee fan, Ordered Chaos is the way to go, also if you’re a fan of having an overpowered minion.


As I said earlier, Gaige the Mechromancer reminds me a little bit of Tiny Tina, of course lacking the humorous quotes. But there is something about the way she speaks that sparks similarities between the two characters. Gaige has the aesthetics of a 13 year old school girl, which is somewhat oddly placed amongst the four existing characters who look like hardened war veterans. Her starting skin is “Gaige’s school uniform” or something, which just goes to show. BUT! Do not be fooled by her girly looks, her robotic arm gives her lightning reflexes and skill with handling a gun and her genius mastermind creation Death Trap will wreak havoc upon any enemy they face.

Looking forward to seeing what the discoverable skins for the Mechromancer is, another 70 odd to go!


This DLC gives an amazing new class with unique new abilities. Apart from the Siren, none of the original classes really enticed me with their abilities. Going invisible was almost there but I’ve done that in plenty of other games, the turret is stationary and in a high mobility fight, quite useless, and who hasn’t dual wielded stuff before? To be frank, this is just my opinion and everyone has their own preferences. The Mechromancer is a refreshing restart and very unique, then again a lot of what makes Borderlands, Borderlands is the uniqueness of it all – and of course the co-op experience!

Overall I would recommend purchasing the DLC solely because the Mechromancer adds a whole new amazing class to the dyanmic of the existing four. Of course this means that you won’t be able to have all the classes in on 4-man co-op session, but that’s something you can easily give up for the Mechromancer. Just under $10USD on the store, purchase it now if you haven’t already!


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