God of War III: Ascension with Total Recall purchase

Sony have revealed that come December 18th, the movie Total Recall will have a limited attachement of game demo access to God of War III: Ascension.

God of War is a Playstation only title which is why Sony has the power to do this, prospective players will have to purchase the Blu-Ray copy of Total Recall.

The link between the game and the movie seems a little bit random, but it’s the partenrship with Sony Picture Home Entertainment that allows the release of the demo on Sony’s Playstation.

This isn’t the first time Sony has tried to pair a game demo with a movie to boost Blu-Ray sales since a majority of movies are either purchased or pirated online. Last time this happened, Battle LA was paired with a Resistance 3 demo.

Battle Los Angeles was a miserable war movie in my opinion. Haven’t yet seen Total Recall and since people aren’t referring to it as a complete failure, a purchase of Total Recall solely for the the chance to try out God of War III in December is totally possible!


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