Nuketown images and Mechromancer a week early!

Borderlands 2 

Today Gearbox has announced on twitter that their 5th playable class in Borderlands 2 is coming to the gaming world a week ahead of schedule (today). The DLC was originally set to launch on October 16th featuring the new playable character, Gaige the Mechromancer.

Pleasantly, we will hopefully be able to download and play Gaige in the next couple of hours, if not very soon. It will be available for free for those who pre-ordered their copy of Borderlands 2 and those who didn’t will find it in the PSN Store or Xbox Marketplace for a feasible fee of $10USD. A small price to pay for something so epic.

The class features a unique skill which summons “Death Trap”, Gaige’s friendly deadly robot that rains havoc upon their enemies. You can access the characters skill tree on the Borderlands 2 website or just click the link! Can’t wait to play try out the Mechromancer! Hopefully it will be as enjoyable as the Siren, even more so since it’s been talked about as easily the best class amongst the existing ones.

Black Ops 2

In other news, the Black Ops 2 multiplayer map Nuketown has been confirmed. The well anticipated game is set to launch on November 13th as planned and it’s nice to see a well remembered map like Nuketown being re-touched and re-tooled for the game’s exotic leap into the future.

Unfortunately the image released for Nuketown 2025 is not an image of the actual map itself but more a promotional picture for the map. You can expect key similarities from the original Nuketown with perhaps a couple of futuristic touches. You know what they say, don’t fix something that ain’t broken!


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