Golden Key: Borderlands 2

So I got a hold of my first golden key in Borderlands 2 to open that mysterious chest in Sanctuary. Oh boy, now it’s like a door has been opened and the addiction has kicked in, I need more golden keys! Sadly the only way I know of how to get them is the weekend code giveaways by Gearbox on twitter.

The golden key gives access to the chest which in turn supplies you with rare goodies. Some people have found a way to glitch it and open it as many times as they want. I think that’s just a little unfair, but then again, I don’t care, I like playing through the game and through the challenges, earning my weapons.

Today I got paired with some level 50 guy in matchmaking, he just hauled our asses through a couple of levels, so that was fun. As a reward he handed over a huge sum of money as well, not really sure what to make of it but it was an odd one-off experience.

Note: must pay attention to twitter to gain more Golden Keys!


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