Dishonored October 9th/11th

Dishonored is out tomorrow for some of you, two days later is when I’ll get my hands on the game. With the release increasingly imminent, Bethesda has put together a couple of twisted little cartoon webisodes accessible on YouTube. These clips serve to give a little extra background padding to the story of this completely new game and concept that we’re getting.

The tales from Dunwall are narrated by this eerie little girl’s voice and do well to keep the air of mystery that shourds Dishonored as well as provide some insight as to how things became how they are. It doesn’t give any gameplay away but as I said before, it pads the story. Find the embedded video below and since we’re all tech savvy in every single way you’ll be able to find your way to the second episode no problem.

Looking forward to Dishonored!


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