Skyrim DLC fumble “on us”

PS3 has had some unruly trouble with the Skyrim DLC’s not being up to par. I played Skyrim on the PC and it was great and once Dawnguard was announced I was seriously considering playing it on the console since I actually prefer console gaming to PC gaming, just my preference. The only thing that stopped me was when Dawnguard did come out, there were unforeseen complications that still have not been fixed to this day. Two DLC’s including Dawnguard have already been released for XBOX 360 whilst PS3 players are left wondering if Skyrim DLC’s will ever be a reality.

Bethesda tweeted that it was “on us to solve” regarding the muck ups and are allegedly working with Sony to fix this problem. They have also made it very clear that they don’t blame anyone and that this whole fiasco was not Sony’s fault.

It’s a real shame that this unfortunate development is ruining Skyrim gaming for PS3 players. Oh well, at least we still have the original game, and most of us have PCs (hopefully?) capable of playing Skyrim.



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