Target releases NBA 2K13 a day early here in Australia.

Target is building a small history for itself as a trigger happy company, first with the false release of counterfeit iPhone 5 products that they “thought” were real, and now a day early release of NBA 2K13.

NBA2K13 was confirmed for an October 2nd/3rd release date in the Americas but for a solid 5th October release date here in Australia. If you pre-ordered it would state that the game would be available for pick up on October 5th or delivered shortly thereafter.

However, today at around 3PM Target shoppers discovered NBA 2K13 on the shelves of a Target store in Chadstone selling for $89.95AUD. Shortly thereafter multiple game shops with the pre-order option sent the pre-order confirmation texts for shop pick ups out, including my own. Saying that the game was now available for pick up.

Not sure if this is disappointing or good. Target’s running a risky business releasing things before their actual release date and could be screwing with the market just to get a couple of extra sales in. On the other hand, anyone who didn’t pre-order or pre-ordered with store pick up can now get their hands on NBA 2K13 a day early. Although since my roommate is busy with work we’ll still be picking up our copy tomorrow as planned.

Target is being a naughty store.


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