What will you be pre-ordering?

With huge titles coming out before this wonderful year is up, what will you be pre-ordering? Huge titles with a lot to offer are coming to the shelves, for us with limited pockets only a select few will receive the boon of my hard work (my cash). These are some of the hyped titles you can easily pre-order to get your trigger happy mitts on right off the bat as they release.

1. FIFA 13

FIFA 13 will make it to stores on September 27th. With the pre-order window quickly closing it’s time to make the choice to pre-order or not to pre-order. Personally, living in Australia I doubt FIFA will sell out in stores the first day since AFL is the way to go here, but you never know. For British gamers, pre-order that right now if you want to be able to play it as soon as it comes out, no doubt it’s going to be selling out across the country. Unless, if my spidey-senses are correct you can purchase the full game on the PSN store. This years FIFA is going to be amazing, and if you don’t plan on playing it you’re missing out, this coming from a lackluster football fan. 

2. Dishonored

Coming to stores on October 11th, this first person stealth game from Bethesda is a smooth transition from The Elder Scrolls. Skyrim fans will find this game attractive as it has a lot of Elder Scrolls first person traits leaking through. Choices in this game will have a colossal effect on the way the game evolves around you, so if you want a hostile environment and walk around like a total badass, kill everyone and everything. Sneak around in the corners and only kill those who deserve it and the public might side with you. Definitely a game worth my attention, as a big fan of Skyrim, I’ll definitely be buying and reviewing this, so if you’re not convinced, check back at a later date to let me convince you!

3. Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

23rd October, I managed to split the money for that day between my sisters birthday present and pre-ordering this game. The first time the Swedish special forces are included in anything, I definitely won’t be giving up the chance to champion my nationality in the online community. I’m especially excited to work together with my Fire Team teammate to two-man-army the battlefield, combining our lone wolf skills into a deadly team. With graphics to match Battlefield and gameplay similar and superior (or so they say) to Call of Duty, this beautiful hybrid is definitely worth my money.

4. Halo 4

The next installment of the undeniably amazing Halo franchise coming out on November 6th. With Bungie giving up the project to 343 Industries, it’ll be interesting to see how 343 Industries changes it up. So far from what we’ve seen on the internet, it looks pretty darn amazing. It’s a shame I don’t have a 360 but I’ll probably be going to the store to get some game time with the system they set up there, just to see what it’s like. Or force my roommate to get his parents to mail his 360 down. Whatever requires less effort. If you’re a proud owner of the Xbox 360, pre-order Halo 4, your life depends on it. If you own a 360 and don’t own a Halo game, shame on you!

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops II

The first Black Ops was amazing, and MW3 was alright, not really my choice of game since Battlefield 3 came out the same time and I personally found BF3 vastly superior, but everyone has differing opinions. Black Ops II has me excited and possibly pre-ordering for the plain reason that Black Ops was what made me a CoD fan in the first place. Split screen makes this game a god amongst gamers whom have friends who are also gamers. You must get this game on November 13th if you and your friends like have some friendly FPS competition.

As you can see I’m heavily FPS orientated, maybe I’m a little sadistic and like to shoot stuff, or maybe I like the adrenaline rush it gives me? (is that wrong? I don’t know) Anyway, if you’re looking for more upcoming releases keep an eye on this page. I update it regularly with hyped releases. Some more titles that are still up for pre-order grabs are Assassins Creed III, NBA 2K13, Hitman: Absolution, FarCry 3, Resident Evil 3 and despite it coming out within this week, Borderlands 2 is still up for pre-order!


2 responses to “What will you be pre-ordering?

    • We’ve already pre-ordered FIFA! Super stoked about the new and improved game! My roommate has probably already pre-ordered NBA, definitely check back and give us your opinion when we review them!

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