Journey Review


A game that escapes most but amazes those that it captures. The beauty of this game is undeniable, both aesthetically and technically. At only 20 bucks, it offeres an experience every hardcore gamer should experience. It’s a break from the rat-tat-tat-tat-ta of gunfire and the clashing of swords and offers you a peaceful, enlightening alternative.

Without revealing any spoilers, I’ll try to describe to the best of my ability what this game represents. You play as a hooded figure and your aim is to travel through the sandy plains that lay in front of you and make your way to the glowing mountain that forever beckons you throughout the game. You have a magical scarf that syncs with flying pieces of cloth that allow you to lift yourself up and glide for a several seconds, this scarf helps you get from A to B if there is nothing between A and B.

I’m positively sure that you cannot die, which is another strange thing. There is no violence and no death. Your aim is to traverse the desert and discover more about yourself and this foreign land. You see ruins and sand dunes and many bright lights. Look of into the distance and it’s easy to be mesmerized by the size of this sand ridden world.

The best part of this game is the multiplayer. No, it’s not like the usual multiplayer where you’re pitted against other players and forced to kill them. No, no, no! The game seamlessly syncs you with other Journey plays and they will look exactly like you, but no nameplates, no glowing bodies, no nothing, just another fellow traveler with the aim to get to the glowing mountain. Your only form of communication is the notes that you can emit by holding “X”. I met a fellow traveler and we overcame challenges together and almost made it to the end of the game before hunger took over my body. The beauty of this anonymous multiplayer is stunning, you could be playing with someone who doesn’t even speak your language. Or someone famous!

If you haven’t played Journey yet, go download it and dim the lights and prepare to be enlightened! If you’re not convinced by me, download the free trial and become convinced.


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