Dust 514 lack of single player, lack of story.

To be brutally honest I was disappointed to discover that there was no single player campaign for Dust 514. The multiplayer is pretty good, and the progression of it is what keeps players striving to be the best, so they can simply over power other players. Fun for them, not so fun for us.

One of the main problems the lack of single player poses is that the FPS audience is completely different from the RPG audience that EVE Online targets, of course there is an overlap of players who enjoy both genres. But if Dust 514 is aiming to capture the rest of the FPS audience that have little to no interest in the RPG world of EVE, a good idea would be to provide some background information. A short single player campaign would be perfect for this… 

People are calling it “the deepest FPS you will ever play”, but I still havent figured out what exactly it is that is going in. All I know is that I’m a mercenary and I shoot people so the EVE Online players can have access to that land. There is no form of story, which is frankly quite disappointing. To be brutally honest it feels like the less noticed little brother of Halo, similar gameplay but no story.

Seleene’s Sandbox chat with Master Cheif!

When I booted up Dust 514 for the first time, the menu was honestly really intimidating and I didn’t bother looking through it and hopped straight into a random game. All the while having this strange feeling of “what am I doing here, who am I, why am I doing this?”. Of course, the trailer has pointed out that we are mercenaries from different factions in the EVE Universe, but new to the EVE Universe, I had no idea what or who these factions or races were. I pretty much picked everything at random so I could hop into the gameplay, having no idea what any of it meant.

Then again, they are giving it to us for free, no complaining there. I just wish there was some sort of in-game background story to explain everything.


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