Prototype 2 a cakewalk.

Prototype 2 a mess of limbs!

The sequel to the awesome first Prototype was not a disappointment. The game delivered on story and gameplay, not so much testing you as just throwing enjoyment at you. The game has 3 difficulties, a fourth which you unlock when you beat (normal). Normal is practically easy so if you want to play on “normal”  (hardly a challenge), go with hard.

The campaign is doable in around 5-6 hours depending on your gameplay. Despite the misleading difficulties, the game itself is fun and absorbant, in a world of mayhem and infected, three different islands of New York Zero are under different pressures of siege by the Mercer virus. The main protagonist, Sergeant James Heller. The main villain? Alex Mercer! That was an interesting twist, bringing the protagonist of the first game back as the villain in the next. It redefines the last mission “Murder Your Maker”, not only did he infect Heller, he made you a prototype fan when you got to play him in the first game. If you didn’t play the first game, you missed out!

The game control and interface are a breeze, after about 20 minutes, everything starts to play from memory and your fingers automatically push the buttons to glide and sprint in the air. The missions were fun and gave you a variety of ways to approach them, rambo or stealth? I bought prototype to be able to smash everything to pieces with a hammerfist combo.

Graphics aren’t terrible but if you’re used to a good looking game like Battlefield, you’ll be a bit stunned at first. If they had managed to create Prototype 2 with any of the new engines, I think it would’ve made a splendid game, oh and did I mention its too easy?

Although the game isn’t challenging at all, it’s a laid back sort of action game that doesn’t really require you to think that much, except for perhaps the odd mission decision. The game is practically easy mode, with “normal” taking 4-6 hours to complete and when restarting on Insane mode and gathering all the trophies on the way took about 7-8 hours. It’s enjoyable to say the least, the satisfaction of consuming people and beating your way to the end is in itself an enjoyable feat.



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