PS3 disappoint imminent for Hearthfire


The new DLC for Skyrim came out two day ago on the XBOX Live marketplace, much to the Skyrim XBOX community’s joy. However, PS3 is still having troubles with the first DLC, Dawnguard as some players are not able to access it. Bethesda Softworks actually seems to be fumbling with the issue and has offered no real compensation. To be honest it looks like Skyrim DLC will never be a thing for PS3, we’ll have to be content with the current game and games like it, (move to Dark Souls!). We will have to see the first DLC fixed before Bethesda moves onto trying to release the second one for PS3!

Hearthfire is an in-game month that is the same as our September, fitting that the release is in September! This expansion offers the ability to players to be able to buy land and build a house, the intro to the DLC being asked the question if you want to buy land in one of three areas. You can even start a family! (with kids! Don’t let Robbaz know… too late)

This DLC kind of seems like a fantasy, Lord of the Rings type version of the Sims with building your own house and creating a family. With the combination of being able to slay beasts and explore the vast lands of Skyrim.


Sounds like fun!


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