Initial Dust 514 Beta review. Looking great!

Dust 514

After waiting literally 3 hours for everything to download and patch, my expectations weren’t at an all time high, but because it’s beta I figured I’ll give this a try.

The game gives you a loading screen introduction of what the controls are for basic shoot, grenade knife. To be honest it felt a little different than most shooter games. Having change weapon on R2 was strange. The game practically drops you into either a game mode kind of like a conquest/m-coms mode or a team death match with tickets that run out with each kill. It takes a little getting used to and I’m not sure if it was my connection or the beta but the screen seemed to jump a little.

After a couple of matches (only one win), the handling becomes familiar. The close quarter crosshairs and the impractical scope hits right at the center of the home Halo made in my heart. Coupled with the space setting and futuristic vehicles, the game definitely has the potential to make it big and walk in Halo’s footsteps, but nothing will ever be Halo.

Beta Beta Beta!

Although complicated the game setup proves to come down to 4 main classes, the heavy support type guy, sniper, medic and assault rifle wielder. From first look there may seem to be a lot of clutter on the screen and a lot of text to read through, but it all comes down to upgrades and which ones you’ll get if not all of them at one point or another. Another thing that’s mentionable is the longevity of the gun battles. You’re guaranteed to go through 2 or 3 magazines unless you’re a real sharp shooter.

The thing thats most disgruntling is the progression system and how players with high ranking upgrades are getting pair with new players with next to nothing (like me). It’s like sending lambs to the slaughter house. To send a player who has no idea what they are doing in with experienced veterans is like sending lambs to the slaughter house. Also it may just be the noob in me but the hit markers seem really off. However, the more matches you play, the steeper your learning curve becomes. It may seem difficult at first but the flow is very easy to pick up and take control of.

The game voice and spawn screen brings back memories of Command and Conquer. The graphics feel a bit off in comparison to the EVE Online cinematics. But hey, it’s just the beta.

The potential is big, and the hype is even bigger. Will the real thing live up to it? December 31st (supposedly) will tell us!


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