The Last of Us lookin’ good!

The Last Of Us

The Last of Us is a new Playstation exclusive title coming in 2013. In the survival genre, it brings back memories of the Left 4 Dead frenzies, but a more collected and well executed game. This is definitely a game gamers will look to buy.

Naughty Dog (developer) has done an amazing job with this game. According to sources, the AI will react in breathtakingly realistic ways, just as people would if they were suddenly shoved into this situation. There’s a great deal of tactical strategizing involved too, so the game is aesthetically stunning but also challenges your way of thinking. The game forces you to make rational decisions. Judging from the 15 minute gameplay video, you can’t really go rambo or you should expect to get shot.

The survival action adventure game protagonist has been confirmed as Joel (the dude in the picture above) and the AI will control the 14 year old girl, Ellie. Would be cool if multiplayer was introduced and the game could be played as an army of two kind of stand off. Just ideas, but I’m sure they have a perfectly good reason to make it like they are doing.

They haven’t really alluded to or shown anything regarding the infected hordes in the game, the only footage has been of hostile survivors. Whether this is good or bad is up to the viewer to decide. Personally I think it’s great because it hoards anticipation and maintains the surprise.




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