Sony 4K HD-TVs overpriced and overhyped?

Imagine this with the glass PS4? Holy mama.

In accordance with the PS4 speculated resolution of 4K (unneeded in my opinion), the only television sets that will be able to support this new all time high in definition are going to cost a whooping $25,000USD for 84 inches. Half that and you get a 42 inch TV for 12.5 grand. That’s still a megaload. I have a HD TV that supports 1080p and it’s sitting at 32 inches (I think) and it put me back a few hundred dollars, not a few thousand.

Given that it’s new technology, it’s bound to be expensive, but if the new PS4 requires you to buy one of these, I think it’s safe to say that we’ll either have a bunch of new XBOX players or a whole lot of broke players.

If people are saying that watching something on a 4K HD TV is like being there, imagine how playing a game on it will feel like?

It’s definitely not in the price range of the casual gamer though, and to be honest it seems like a little bit of an overkill. I mean super game engines are fine and all but a 4K HD television? It was bound to come, and many will probably get it, hopefully not to be disappointed with how it will turn out. I hope now that they’ve churned out this mammoth 4K television set they can focus on making the PS4 pristine and affordable. Especially if they want their customers to purchase this epic TV.


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