Grand Theft Auto: V

GTA V: Money money money money money!

A benchmark setter franchise, GTA was the original. There was nothing more fun that stealing cars and running over citizens then drive around the corner and everything was fine. The trend setter for many games to come afterwards such as Saint’s Row, Sleeping Dogs and Mafia.

With an epic story line that the original title and it’s sequels have not failed to live up to, it’s no doubt that the fifth installment of GTA will be just as epic. There has been leaks as to the vehicles (boats, bikes and cars) that will be in the game, so if you’re into that you can find those here. I remember playing one of the early GTA games and all I did was find the nicest car and just total it, can’t joyride in real life, will do it in the GTA world.

Set in Los Santos with new minigames, more action, more story, extensive open world roaming, interactive online multiplayer and a wanted system that will have you on your heels if you plan on being an all-star criminal the new GTA is bound to be an exciting installment to the franchise.

The rumors about its release all literally all over the place. Some say that the game won’t touch the shelves till the Summer of 2013 (roundabout may). While others think it’ll arrive before Christmas. Would become a very popular Christmas present to anyone mildly interested in GTA. Some are even saying October. But seeing as Rockstar games hasn’t released an official date yet, October is very unlikely. Analysts are saying that any speculation that GTA V will launch in 2012 is very unlikely. Chances are we’ll probably se GTA V in time for the Summer gaming sessions.



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