Borderlands 2!

Borderlands 2

Without the giant blue skin suits on Pandora, the scene seems fitting for a shooter/rpg game. Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the first Borderlands. Having played the first one, it was satisfyingly fun although the quest objectives got a bit repetitive at times, hopefully the second one will pack a bigger punch

Borderlands 2 was advertised with hilarious mini clips of Clap-Trap directing the making of the second game, the comedy combined with the seriousness of it all has be itching to buy my own copy.

Multiplayer is always fun, especially offline split screen when your crappy college internet decides to be a bastard and cut itself off for a bit.More guns, more monsters, what more can you ask for? Suicide bandits and massive elephants-that-are-not-elephant-like creatures. There’s something special about Borderlands 2, the idea of questing and shooting stuff, it’s every shooter and rpg fan’s haven.

The wasteland of Pandora is a perfect setting for this epic game, it’s something you don’t really see in other games and I think that that’s what makes Borderlands 2 unique.



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