PS4 Speculation.

There has been so much speculation surrounding the release of the next generation consoles. Personally, as an owner of a PS3, I’m looking forward to getting my game on with the PS4. There are rumors that the new system is going to be called “Orbis”, whether that name is a definite go-ahead is unknown.

Google images is like the speculation central for how the PS4 will look like. If you google “PS4” there is a myriad of possible designs. One thats extremely eye catching is the glass slab with a futuristic-type ball lodged to one side, anything that sleek has got to be an insta-buy. The only downside I can think of is how easily it may break.

The PS4?

The PS4?

Fittingly, there’s been news that the resolution on the PS4 is going to be a whooping four times the resolution of 1080p under the super-HD 4K development (UK Playstation Magazine). This will probably require buyers to buy a new HD-TV to support that kind of resolution. Honestly though, how much more resolution do we really need for virtual interaction? Is there a point where it becomes too real? Next thing you know we’re going to have scenes similar to that of Gamer as gameplay footage.

But imaging HD Battlefield on an ever more HD screen, that’ll be like real life won’t it? Speaking of Battlefield, Battlefield 4 Beta entry has been announced as a reward for pre-ordering Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but only for PC. This most likely means Battlefield 4 won’t come out on the PS3, (theoretically) making it one of the first games to (theoretically) come out on the PS4.

“Orbis” is supposedly said to be aiming for a late 2013 Q4 release, preferably (preferable to me) before the Christmas riots begin so that I might find one of them neatly boxed up under my non-existent tree. But as far as speculation goes there’s no real telling of when it will come out. The only thing I’m sure of is that it’s going to probably aim for a competitive release date with it’s Microsoft rival, the X-Box.


8 responses to “PS4 Speculation.

    • true that, but it would be way more interesting than the current matte looks of the PS3 despite their sleekness, the glass model is even sleeker. Can’t wait to see what they actually come up with. 🙂

      • Yeah defo, I hope they come up with some cool stuff like with the Xbox (Star Wars, Halo, GoW etc) and maybe even custom fascias like old Xbox used to have?

      • Yeah I feel like the interface on the playstation could be a little less static, I feel like I’m doing business with the screen whereas on the xbox it feels like a homey-type place, don’t know if that makes sense but yeah 😛 Anything like Halo for the PS3 would be amazingly amazing hehe

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